Back Water Valve Installation

Prevent sewer drains from backing up and overflowing into your home with a backwater valve installation.  

Prevent Sewer BackFlow

The most effective way to prevent sewer backups is with the installation of a device called a backwater valve. The installation of this one way valve prevents water from backing up into your home and is an ideal device to prevent costly damage.  It is a perfect solution to be installed in older homes that are at high risk of basement flooding by sewer backups - which can cause costly damage to a home. 

Water damage can lead to damage costs of $25,000 and more.

Protecting your home is protecting your investment. 

Does your home need back water valve installation?

Knowing your location in relation to the sewer system that serves your building or home.

The installation of a sewer backwater valve can make the difference between having your basement flooded with raw sewage and staying dry. 

The illustration below is a visual aid that can help determine the need of a backwater valve. 


The first home does not need a backwater valve as water would drain from the first upstream sewer manhole which is lower than the inlet to the drain pipe in the homes basement.


Drains on the first floor of the second home may be safe as it is slightly higher than the first upstream sewer manhole cover, but there are some cases in which pressure builds enough to allow water to flow at a level above the lowest drain. Drain fixtures in the basement of the second home are below the level of the first upstream manhole and sewage backups may occur without a backwater valve. 


All drain openings in the third home would be located below the level of the first upstream sewer manhole cover so this home is definitely in need of a backwater valve installation. 

It is now a requirement by code that new homes being built have this valve installed. The majority of older homes are at risk of basement flooding due to sewer backups and are eligible for city reimbursements.

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