Flo Logic

A combined precision calibrated low-flow water sensor with an intuitive user interface that continuously monitors water. The FloLogic system is easily connected to any security or building automation system, alerting the building management team, security team, or homeowner when a leak is detected and when a water shut off occurs. 

Why Install FloLogic?

The American water works association reports that on average, a home loses almost 11,000 gallons or 14% of their total domestic water per year. 

FloLogic will stop water waste with constant monitoring and quick action response that reduces water consumption caused by leaks.

  • The FloLogic system detects any unusual flow, 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

  • Integrated battery provides stand-by power allowing the system to continue to perform when AC power is lost

  • Home and away modes allow for easy control for uninterrupted water use or limited water use

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