Leak Detection

Leak detection service without destruction using state of the art equipment and methods to locate concealed pipe leaks of all kinds. 

How to Detect a Leak

There are a few preliminary things you can check before calling an expert such as: are you receiving a higher than normal water bill, hear water running indoors, notice moist ground out doors such as muddy areas or greener grass areas. 

Fixing the Leak

Electronic devices can be used to determine the location of a leak by finding the damaged source. Even the smallest leak or defect can be located accurately using this method.  

Compared to the way many other companies locate leaks, with trial and error methods using hammers - opening walls and ceilings, known as the search and destroy method; Full Pressure Plumbing understands that your home is an investment and it must be protected. 

The full Pressure Plumbing solution to your leak uses minimal disruption to your day and property and results in thousands of dollars being saved. 

As a fully licensed, and insured plumbing business Full Pressure Plumbing is qualified to help you with any water leak problems your home or business may have. 

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Water Leak Detection and Analysis

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